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Guidance on outdoor photography

Most memorable lifetime event of a couple in their life is “Wedding” and a photographer plays a vital role in capturing those memories in form of photos and videos. The most tedious task for a photographer is to photograph a wedding in outdoor conditions. When it comes to “Outdoor Wedding” for a photographer, these weddings are great because there is a lot of bright natural light. The light breeze creates subtle drama and paves way for some great wedding pictures. However, outdoor wedding could also turn out to be a disaster because of the glare and reflections caused due to the lighting. Here are some great tips to capture outdoor weddings.

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Check out the lighting aspects before photographing

Lighting can play tricks on you when you photograph outdoor weddings. Before you begin photographing, get an idea about the aspects so that you can gauge the direction of sun’s movements. This way, you will not have to check out the sun every time you want to try a different angle or plan a shot. The best time of the day to shoot pictures outdoors is towards sunset. So, if you are hired for an evening wedding, you are in luck. You need to be careful when you capture afternoon weddings because the light can be very harsh. You will need additional equipment such as shades, appropriate lens and fill flash to get balanced lighting effect.

Move around

Outdoor weddings usually have a lot of open spaces. Use this to your advantage and move around the venue. You can get some unique shots. For instance, you can click a few pictures of the couple from behind the priest. This is something that you might not be able to try in a church wedding.

Bring in variety

When you work with an outdoor wedding, you have the advantage of the changing lighting scenario. Evening weddings are especially dramatic because the intensity and angles of lights change very quickly. Make use of this natural advantage such as varying lighting, breeze and colours to capture very unique pictures.

Make use of the background

Make use of the background to add value to the pictures. Think about this: if a couple has chosen to have an outdoor wedding, it means that they love the natural external settings. So, let their wedding album have an infusion of “naturalness”. The green lawns, trees and flowers in the landscaping, rocks, the shimmering sand on the beach and all such natural elements are excellent features to optimize on for wedding photographs.

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Optimize on the decorations

Decorations for outdoor weddings are always very special. Usually, lots of unique flower arrangements are used. The canopy under which the couple takes its wedding vows is beautifully done to match the natural appeal of the area. Chairs, tables and lampposts are done ornamentally. Use all these things as an integral part of the pictures.

Know your cameras

You need different lens and equipment to capture wedding pictures. Think about the time of the day when the wedding is going to be held. If you are unsure about the technicalities involved, consult a senior photographer. Using the right equipment is crucial to avoid refractions and distortions caused due to lights and shadows.
You’ll need help
Take an assistant with you when you capture outdoor weddings. You’ll need help to block light using screens and for other purposes. If the ground is not even in a place that gets you the right angle, you need help to hold up your equipment.
Make sure that you capture the essence of outdoor weddings by getting the most unique shots.

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