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How to shoot a good home video from camcorder

Creating good home videos takes practice and some important points to keep in mind before starting to shoot home videos. The following tips will help you in creating videos that you and your family can enjoy for long time.
1. Use zooms efficiently – Using too much zoom can make your video look bad or even can make it worse. If you need to zoom in and out, take it slow and steady, and don’t zoom out again too soon.
2. Framing shots – Fill the frame with your subject, and don’t be afraid to place him or her slightly off-center. For example, when filming kids at the pool, it tends to be more visually interesting to capture the children talking, laughing, or diving a bit to the left or right of center.
3. Shoot from different points – To make the video more effective and interesting, shoot it from different points. For example, when filming kids’ school game, use effective angles to shoot so that you can shoot the entire game with your kids being the center of attraction.
4. Plan your video according to editing – If you’re going to edit your footage, then you can shoot every second of the event. If not, then only shoot the important parts of the event else you will shoot the DJ testing the mike or of waiters going in and out of the kitchen which are not part of the event and make the video less enjoyable.


5. Use Tripod – Shaky handheld shots are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to bad home movies. Although many camcorders come with various image stabilization technologies, these in-camera features can only do so much to correct handshake. Shooting from a flat surface or, better still, a tripod, is a good way to remedy this problem.


6. Keep enough memory cards, tapes, or discs on hand – Running out of recording space in the middle of filming is no fun, so you’ll want to make sure you have more media available. Be sure to pick up extra discs, tapes or memory cards, even if your camcorder also comes with built-in memory.


7. Keep a spare battery – Backup battery power is just as important as keeping extra tapes or discs on hand. Some spare batteries offer longer recording times than the battery that came in the manufacturer’s box.