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Photography Tips In the Rain

Rain is a wonderful phenomenon of nature, composed of all the happy feelings, emotions and sentiments. And above this if we get some creativity mixed with it, mood gets bright ups.  Rainy seasons are the time when the photographers let their talent come out and prove their patience in getting outstanding and innovative results. There are some tips to be followed while clicking snaps during rainy weather-

  • Opt for the best and suitable lens as per the requirement. You can go for longer focal lenses that will allow you to click the rain without getting immersed in rain.
  • Camera should have better and nice shutter speed as rain drops are moving objects and their speed varies with accompanying wind and the strength of the downpour. You are supposed to have exact control over the shutter speed and the use flash to completely freeze the raindrops.
  • Observe and focus on best lighting for photographing rain. Find out the best angle, use your eyes, walk around your subject and find the position from where you could see the rain most clearly.
  • Choose and select the right background and that is dark one.

Besides above tips, while shooting in the rain, make sure to take care of your gear. Take care of your camera from water as it can be damaged and make it dry time to time if required. Rain comes and goes but the memories remain ever and forever. Work hard for it and say happy monsoon with happy images.