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How to setup a Professional Live Streaming Event

To conduct live streaming events at a professional level you have to plan it. By planning the live streaming event you can avoid many mistakes that inexperienced event coordinators encounter.

Now a day’s technology has provided so much comfort that anyone can broadcast video streams via internet. Even though technology has become affordable and accessible but reaching to the audience depends on certain level of professionalism and quality. Before setting up a professional live streaming event you must keep following points in mind:-

1. Evaluate the type of streaming you are willing to conduct.


Whether you’re streaming at a small level or at a large level with multiple cameras, the first and the basic thing to look for is the venue. To get a good idea about the camera placement positions and any potential problem that may occur during the live streaming you should visit the venue personally. You should check out following things post production:-


a. Locations where you can set up your video cameras, switcher, lights, microphones and other equipment.

b. Take a good idea about the lighting whether the available lights are enough or you would require additional lights.

c. What would be the set-up of the venue at the time of event will it be quite, busy, noisy or crowded, plan your production according to that.

2. Internet Connection.


Internet connection is an important part of live streaming; make sure how it would be set up. Check the following points:-


a. Visit the venue in order to identify your internet options.

b. Check whether the venue has a hardwire connection available that you can use or is there a Wi-Fi hotspot and whether it is available for use or not.

c. Also look for the available bandwidth.

Most importantly you must check the Upstream Bandwidth of the internet connection available. It makes an impact on the quality of picture and sounds the viewers’ receive. Double check your internet speed at the time of live production to ensure sufficient bandwidth.


3. Live streaming set up.

Make a proper arrangement for switchers, lighting and other aspects or live production to direct the attention of viewers’ to meaningful subjects. To keep the show interesting cut between different camera angles, but switch in such a manner so that it doesn’t create any distraction. To get relevant idea watch shows that are similar to yours, this will give an idea about what does and what doesn’t work.




Good quality of lighting can enhance the effect of your show. It’s important to plan the number of lights to be used and exact placement of these.




One of the most important part that most of the people forget is arrangement of switcher and cables. Cabling completely depends upon the camera positions and lighting setup. For a camera placed at a distance from the switcher will require more amount of cable to connect it. 

Position of Cameras


Selection of right camera according to the quality and budget is another important aspect of live streaming any event. The right camera will produce sufficient picture quality in the available lighting and the production set up.